Jody Hensley
"Mom" / Mom

Doesn’t my title say it all?!  Mom, now there’s a job!  But, hands down, the best one I’ve ever had.  I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen, especially when I could share that time with my daughter, Taran.  Growing up she helped me make everything from holiday dinners to chocolate crinkle cookies.  As time passed, I gained invaluable experience working with other pastry chefs.  My specialty in the kitchen became more focused on personally designing wedding and all occasion cakes and certainly my Gourmet Pretzel Rods.  Family, friends and craft show attendees have enjoyed the pretzel rods for more than a decade and every time I make them, someone says, “You need to start a business!”  The enthusiasm has endured and so has my interest in starting a business doing something I love.  


Taran Hensley-Hercules
"Daughter" / President

One of my favorite memories growing up is certainly making those chocolate crinkle cookies with mom.  Wow, we made a mess, but laughed the whole time.  I went on to college and graduated from Webster University with degrees in Media Communications and Web-Site Development.  After gaining global experience in the corporate world of marketing, I knew I wanted something more, and that ‘something more’ was to work for myself.  During those years, Mom and I talked many times about how fun it would be to go into business together.  With her confectionery skills and my marketing skills, we knew we would make a great team – “Mom, we can do this, let’s go for it!”  I have been fortunate to grow up with mom’s original treats, and now I am proud to share ‘Mom’s Originals’ with you.

Mom’s Originals® is a certified Women-Owned Business based out of St. Louis, MO.

We are all about family, good times, and tasty indulgences.  Since “Only the best will do” our mission is to provide you with the best product and best customer service possible. Mom’s Originals’ products are made by hand, with the finest and freshest ingredients, and then sealed individually to insure freshness with every bite.   

We are constantly thinking of original treats and packaging ideas that are sure to please you as well as family, friends and clients alike. Be sure to visit our website often to see what original products and packages we have come up with!

     Our corporate gift and advertising packages have been a refreshing, exciting and enjoyable concept to those whom we have worked with. 
If you have been looking for an original idea to say Thank You, increase sales, or “Wow” prospects and event attendees, then look no further than Mom’s Originals, Inc.

Feel free to contact us directly, at any time,
if you have customizing requests, questions, or comments.
You are now a part of our family.

"Thank you, enjoy, and don't forget to share!"

Jody Hensley - Mom -
Taran Hensley-Hercules
- President -